Nuestros océanos están cambiando. Nuestras pesquerías están cambiando. Nuestras comunidades costeras están cambiando. Necesitamos cambiar como trabajamos para encontrar soluciones. Únete y comparte tus ideas.

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The goal of this exchange is to increase the pace of social and environmental change by making solutions more readily available to practitioners across the world. As practitioners share the components of their solutions (what we call "building blocks"), we hope that other practitioners will feel inspired to re-purpose those building blocks for an entirely different challenge.

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Reservas marinas comunitarias completamente protegidas

This solution addresses pérdida de la biodiversidad y los efectos del cambio climático in las costas de México for las pescadoras y los pescadores en México y sus familias

Sostenibilidad en la pesquería de almejas y callos

This solution addresses desafíos de manejo para prevenir o revertir la sobrepesca in Golfo de California, México for 280 pescadoras y pescadores artesanales de almejas y callos en dos comunidades del estado de Sonora, México


The Cozumel Fishing Cooperative was the first to create fish refuge no take zones in the Mexican Caribbean. The cooperative has two fishing grounds, around Cozumel Island and in the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve.

The José María Azcorra Fishing Cooperative is based in Punta Herrero in the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve. They were the first cooperative to protect grouper and snapper spawning sites in Mexico.

The Pescadores de Vigía Chico Fishing Cooperative is based in Punta Allen, in the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve. They are internationally recognized for their effective community management and sustainable practices.